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Join The Thousands Of Satisfied Customers Today

Buy Local Savings Magazine brings your brand and services in front of thousands of customers in your area looking for what you have. We now have a large stable of business owners who have discovered firsthand just how much of a business booster the Buy Local Savings Magazine has become for them.

Join us NOW to get YOUR ad in front of thousands!


Just Who is Buy Local Magazine and

Why Should You Choose Us?

Buy Local Savings Magazine is a premium savings and coupon magazine that helps local businesses connect with customers eager for their coupons and offerings of valued products and services. We offer design services for any business that requires our help including logos, coupons and graphic design that will enhance your ad for the strongest customer conversions.

As well…
• We target Homeowners located in YOUR business area

• We filter mailings to avoid P.O. boxes and apartment complexes

• Our mailings target families who have expendable incomes

• Postal receipts are always available as proof of mailings

• You can subscribe free of charge to receive our magazines

• We currently mail to over 480,000 homes annually in the Columbia, SC area

• We direct mail our magazines to individual homes based on requests. This ensures that your ads      land in homes where they are welcome and eagerly awaited!


Guaranteed Eyeballs!

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