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How Long have you been in business?

We opened our doors to start serving our community in 2010 and have been publishing our premier coupon and savings magazine ever since!


What kind of businesses can advertise with you?

We allow ANY business that operates on the principles of offering our communities great savings and offerings as well as good service and wonderful products. We expect that all businesses advertising in our magazine operate with great integrity and the safety and well being of our citizens and readers in mind.


How often do you advertise?

While we strive to publish our magazines in the various areas we serve, with continuity and frequency, the best go-by for you is our publication calendar which you can find on the Mail Dates and Areas page.


What kind of ROI can we expect as advertisers?

While we strive to help you advertise your business to the best of our abilities, most business owners in today's market of easily accessible advertisements and coupons realize - it's ALL ABOUT THE OFFER! Without a good offer to create that strong pull, your offer leans more towards "branding" which is also very important. So we always advise business owners and advertisers to choose what they want to accomplish - branding, or a killer offer that creates traffic.


The Buy Local Mag Promise

We promise to deliver value to customers whether to the people of the community, buy offering great savings, or to the local businesses who need a marketing platform that is fair, honest and provides value and return on investment of marketing dollars.

The Buy Local Mag Philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide a platform for people and local businesses to come together with savings and purchases. Hand in hand, and together we can all build a thriving community.

Our Company Mission

Our mission is to serve the people, families and communities around us and the main street businesses that make up the economic heart of those communities.

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